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Brother Printer comes with great features, with quality performances. These printers are known to be user-friendly which the user finds it efficient to use. Printers are an essential part used in offices and homes. Many of the paper works are done easily by the printers. It is convenient and time saver.

At homes, a printer can be handy as you can print project, letters, and images. If there are advantages then it also has some disadvantages such as print jam, ink cartridge problem and many more.

Here, in this article, we will discuss five common problems of brother printer and how to resolve them. Sometimes some of the common problems are easy to solve by following the guidelines but sometimes it gets hard to resolve some issues in such cases, you can take the help from Brother Printer Support.


When you find trouble with your printer and you seem to find no solution then immediately check the basics. Make sure, that the printer has power and is connected and turned on. Always double check about the paper which needs to be in the paper tray and also check if it’s put in properly. Many a time you can fiddle with the paper, take it out and put it back in and to solve the problem. Sometimes by doing this, the problem gets easily solved just by fixing and checking the basics.


Many of us do not have an idea of what spooler is. The spooler is software where the stores print jobs on the memory or hard disk of the computer. But, this storage is known to be temporary. After, the printing is done; the job will no longer be stored on the computer. But, there might be some instance where you have been waiting for a long time for something to print, but the problem occurs with the spooler. The easiest way to reset the spooler is by restarting the computer and also the spooler software.


Software problems are known to be the problems which are the most difficult problems to solve. When you try to solve the problem the first thing you do is making sure that the driver’s installation is the correct format, and if you find the drivers are installed proper way then try to uninstall the printer, disconnect it and then re-install it.


There are times when the printer prints an extra sheet of paper which can happen because of the print settings. This setting is typically used in the office where the print volume is high and there are multiple users printing. Sometimes the extra sheet of paper prints out to separate print jobs, but if you are the only one who does the printing then it can become very annoying. But, this trouble is easy to fix by going to your printer and devices on your computer and then clicking on the printer for printer preferences. The user needs to be able to deselect the separator pages from there.


A printer needs to have a good quality of print jobs, as the quality of the print jobs depends not only the printer itself but also the ink or toner cartridge and the drum unit if there is one.  The quality of paper also influences the print quality, for which you need to check the right type of paper for printing. But sometimes, the problem lies not in the paper but it lies in the toner. In such a case, you need to take out the toner out and gently slide it from side to side. Note that you do not shake the toner and be careful not to touch the toner roll because it might leave fingerprints. 

If following these guidelines does not help then give a call at +1-888-621-0339 and the expert’s team will get in touch with to solve all your queries within no time. The excellent team of professionals tries to provide the best customer service 24*7.

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