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How to resolve HP Printer 50.5 fuser error?

HP Printer is a well-known printer that is popular in the market worldwide. People love to use the HP Printer because of its best quality print and better quality performance. But at times error can occur in the HP Printer and that can trouble up the printing work. HP Printer 50.5 fuser error is a kind of error that can stop the printing work in the middle. The HP Printer 50.5 fuser error is a kind of error that indicates the fuser has been registered as an incorrect fuser for that model. HP Printer Support team also helps out to troubleshoot the HP Printer 50.5 fuser error.

In this error, the HP Printer makes three different fusers that look identical, but these fusers cannot be interchanged between the printer models, whereas the outside plastic and metal frame needs to look the same, but the inner wiring is different. You are likely to get 50.4 fuser errors when the power is the printer is on.

In this article, we will discuss the technical error that occurs in the HP Printer. To check out the fuser problem you can pull the fuser out of your printer and check out the barcode level present on the fuser.

With some of the easy solutions, you will be able to troubleshoot the HP Printer 50.5 fuser error. The following procedures are as follows:

Solution 1:

In this process, you will need to turn the printer off and then unplug it from the power cord. Look out for the fuser as it might be hot if you are using the printer for a long time. Wait for about 30 minutes for the fuser to get cool down before proceeding. If you install the duplexer then remove it from the back of the printer.

Solution 2:

In the next step, lower down the rear output bin cover and then use the flex arms on the plastic output bin slightly to remove the one side of the tray at a time. Next, set up the output bin cover aside and grasp onto both the sides of the fuser. After that, you will need to push the blue levers upward and pull out the fuser straight. When you successfully, match up your model then install the replacement fuser by inserting it and aligning to the left side. You will also need to push the fuser firmly and listen to the sound of both blue levers by clicking into place.

If somehow the fusers do not click into place then run the risk of wearing out both the fuser and the gears drive the fuser. You will then re-install the plastic rear output bin.

These solutions will help you out to troubleshoot the HP Printer 50.5 fuser error. But, you can also take the help of the HP Printer Support team where the team members will help you guide out to your issues. Call them at +1-888-621-0339 and the team members will talk to you over the phone and solve out your queries. You can be assured of the fact is that the team members do not take any hidden cost for solving out your queries. To get their benefits you can subscribe to their monthly or yearly packages at a minimal price. Click here for more information.

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