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How to troubleshot “user intervention required” error in HP Printer?

Errors in the printers are in common and HP Printer can also be affected with an error. There are several errors and among them is the user intervention required error. To troubleshoot this error occurring in hp Printer you can take the help of the HP Printer Tech Support team that will help you to solve the query.

In this blog, we will discuss the procedures to solve HP Printer user intervention required error. The following steps are:

In the first step, you will need to check for the blinking lights or the error messages. If you notice the printer control panel is blinking lights then you will need to clear the error.  If in case you do not see the blinking lights then proceed to the next step.

In the next step, you will need to download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor to automatically diagnose and resolve the printer and hardware connection issues. When you finish the downloading process, try to print to check if the error is removed. If the problem still continues then go to the third step.

In the third step, you will need to search the Windows for local service and then click on the view local service after that you will need to find the Printer Spooler and then right-click the print spooler and then select stop.

When you see the service is being stopped then close the service window. After a while searching for Windows C and click in the Windows, then double-click the System32 folder and then double click the spool folder. Make sure to double-click the Printers folder and then delete all the files in the folder. Make sure you try to print and if you notice that the issues still persists then continue to the fourth step.

In the fourth step try to reset the printer and the computer, and to do that you will need to turn the printer on, and then disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer. After that unplug the power cord from the wallet outlet and wait for about 60 seconds.

You can also try to create a manual connection for troubleshooting the error. In case your printer has a control panel with a display then you can print a report from the network settings or network setup menu, but if you do not have a display then print the report by using the button in the control panel. All you need to do is press and hold the cancel button or a combination of buttons model and search for the HP website for the network configuration report.

You can also add a second printer device to the windows. To do this you will need to set up the manual IP address for the printer and then add a printer port to Windows that matches the new IP address and then select Devices and Printers in the Windows.  Select the Printer properties window, and then select the Ports tab and after that Add Port. Check out the standard TCP/IP Port and then click the New Port.

These are the simple procedures through which you will be able to solve out the HP Printer user intervention required error from the printer.

But if the problem still does not gets solved then take the help of HP Printer Customer Support where the team members will help you without any doubt. To reach them you can all at +1-888-621-0339 and talk to them directly through which your problems will be solved. Click here to get more information.

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